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Let's start this process together.  I'm excited to make beautiful images with you.  Click the button for more details or fill out the form below and and I will reach out at a time that's convenient to you.  Making magic deserves attention! 

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Craft your vision

Using my creative and working experience, together with your dreams, we will create a shared vision.

  • Want a moment in your life immortalized?

  • Is your brand ready to take product photos for advertising?

  • Need a new look to complete your arsenal of headshots?

  • Or perhaps a family portrait needs to be updated?

Let figure out how to make your dream a reality together.  No idea is too crazy and no dream too far.  


Plan Effortlessly

Each session has layers, but all you need to do is relax and let your vision come to life. 

From wardrobe to make-up, location, or even finding a dinosaur (yup); we have it covered for you.


Turning Dreams into Reality

I strive to create a collaborative environment during your session.  If an idea strikes, lets explore it.  This is the fun part, let your inner self out, and we will capture it.  


Initial Viewing

Soon after the shoot I'll present you will a gallery of curated, lightly balanced photos.  We'll then go through these steps:

  • Narrow down the gallery to only your favorite photos.

  • Pick out any specific changes you want. (Remove a person, sign, clean up achne, etc.)

  • Decide how you want your photos.  (Prints, Digitals, Album, Canvas, etc)  I'll have examples available and more can always be added later.  I keep all original photos on hand so if ever you realize you want a delivery of an additional photo, I can make that happen.


Polish the images

This is the real magic: your images will be transformed.  Every detail is perfected, and the vision comes into being. Every photo is edited by hand to tell the most compelling story.

As you can imagine, magic takes some time. In the end, I promise, it is worth the wait.

Geek details: I work with the 12-bit Raw Nikon Stills using Lightroom and Photoshop.  Everything is full quality through and through.  This means you are getting the best quality available.  No amateur hour here.

the reveal

Here is the big moment. The curtains open, and you get to choose which treasures to keep forever. Will it be every image in an album? Or do you need a handful of prints for auditions?  We hand deliver your printed materials in one-of-a-kind packaging.


 I would love to hear from you.