Racism, Schmacism.


I have seen five or six posts on Facebook today (all before supper), each one spouting racial slander that is supported by zero facts, and let me tell you, there is nothing that gets my temperature higher than information without insight. In my frustration, I have decided to share actual facts in an attempt to stifle the stupidity, errrr, ignorance... Whichever sounds more kind!

So here we are.

One: In the 1600's, large groups of Englishmen trampled the soil of today's America and began their beloved colonization, which would surely be accepted with open arms. This kindness forced some 900,000 Native Americans to flee west or stand and fight. It is rather simple for one to say whether we would do this or that in such a situation, but what I can say with certainty is that if the English had not murdered and destroyed Native American lands, the language to reach or ears and touch or tongues today would range between 300 different Native languages, depending on which tribe you are a part of. So forgive me for my non-tolerance of supreme English statements such as, “Speak English or get out of America,” of which clearly holds little value.

Second, it is true that from every well-intended religion sprouts groups of extremists. Throughout history, Christian extremists murder abortion doctors in the name of their Savior, Muslim extremists perform suicide bombings, and Tibetan Monks  self-immolate. This does not, however, make an entire group of people terrorists, and they should not be treated as such. Doing so promotes fear-mongering, hatred, and if I dare say so, idiocy. If we are to continue such dialogue, we may as well revert to drinking from separate water fountains and using our own restrooms.

Finally, I encourage you to inform yourself-especially if you decide to reproduce, because after all, hate breeds hate, and ignorance, ignorance. Read various news sources, turn your television off for one single night, and for God’s sake-Pick up a book! 

Mark WrightComment