Kids Can Shop Too!

One of my favorite parts about being a mom (shhh, don’t tell anyone) is buying all of those tiny clothes. It’s no surprise that on Black Friday my only purchases are, you guessed it, those cute tiny clothes! There are so many options to choose from, so it can be overwhelming. But do not fret my friends, I have compiled a list of my favorite Black Friday deals!

our haul from last year! 

Zara Kids

Zara always waits until the last minute to announce their deals, but every year previously, they have offered a 30% discount. While it may not seem like a lot, their prices on kids clothes are already very reasonable, so when you tack on the discount, it becomes unbeatable. Plus, you truly can’t beat a $5 shirt that you kid is going to smear with peanut butter anyway. I use Zara’s sale to buy staple items for my sons wardrobe for the next year (think: basic t’s, joggers, and tennis shoes). 


Nixi Lauroo

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that Nixi is my all time favorite brand - not just because we collaborate with them often, or because the owner is a badass mama, but because the shop is full of beautiful, sturdy, handmade items. All of the clothing is cozy and comfortable for our wriggly little ones, and the basics mix and match well with other brands!

Nixi makes the best gift for your little ones and those expecting mamas. There are remade gift baskets, and little boxes with their premium burpees. Not to mention, it holds up fabulously so the resell value is top notch! She also carries the COOLEST handmade campfire sets, perfect for pretend play, or decorating those woodland nurseries (ahem, see my son’s room). 

This year, especially for Black Friday, Kate created this gorgeous campfire set that will be included in the sale for $20 off (use code FIRE20) and free shipping in the USA.

On top of the campfire deal and free USA shipping, all orders are 25% off, and early bird shoppers in the first hour will receive $15 to spend next time!

I mean, come on?  does it get any more festive?

Brave Little Ones 

This shop not only has super cute t’s, rompers, and newborn gowns, but is an ethical company that donates proceeds to a charity called Under His Umbrella. While you’re shopping, you can feel good about providing a meal and a shirt to a child in need.

For Black Friday, Brave Little Ones has prices all t shirts and onesies at $15! You can use the code BlackFriday, and keep your eye out for other site wide markdowns as well. You can also save on shipping when you spend $60.

This is my favorite shirt we have from Brave Little Ones! So cute.




Rags To Raches

Not only does RAGS have awesome, limited edition rompers, but the owner has an awesome backstory. She started creating rompers out of her husbands old T-shirt’s, and moms on Instagram loved them so much that she started selling them. RAGS rarely has sales, so this is big!

They have announced that they will be releasing 36 new ones on Black Friday, and the sale will be 25% off new and current styles, with the sale spanning over the whole weekend, Thursday to Sunday!

This is my all time favorite RAG. And yes, they even sell hats! 

Rylee and Cru

If you love whimsical, boho clothing for your kiddo, then this is the shop for you! Every single piece of clothing is beautiful, you won’t even be able to choose. Luckily with their Black Friday sale, you won’t have to!

They are extending a 30% off discount for shoppers beginning at 12:01am on 11/23 using code BLACKFRIDAY30. On top of that, shipping is free in the USA! They also have some mama items if you’d like to step outside the box and treat yourself for once.  Happy Thanksgiving, and happy shopping, folks! 

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