A Woodland Wonderland

Planning and styling are languages of interest to me. If you have been following either of my Instagram accounts, then you know that I may have a minor love affair with all things nature. When I found out I was pregnant, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to take full advantage of a newborns ignorance in decor and plan my own woodland nursery (my inner stylist has crossed fingers that Arthur's obsessions have a saturated color palette!) Selfish? Possibly; but I knew that my son would one day appreciate a room filled with my own, and others handmade works of art.


A quality of my parents of which I am still extremely grateful was their combined desire and ability to chronicle portions of my life. While my dad always had an eye for the creative--whether it was filming my first kicks or snapping my sisters freckles--my mother had the heart for photographs. The walls in our home were papered with our collective lives as well as the ones before us. It was a common occurrence for us to rummage between pages of a family trip, or leave fingerprints on boxes of dusty photographs, telling stories that the memories held.


Naturally, I wanted to memorialize mine and my sons experiences, from birth to birthdays. I started planning baby A's birthday when he was, quite literally, and infant. I closed my eyes and heard the scratch of owls talons, the singing of crunchy leaves. I wanted to make that a reality.


To be cost efficient, I used some woodland fabric I'd previously purchased and several woodsy props from my photography business. I made the cupcakes and snack bar, but I decided my skills weren't up for the cookies I had imagined. I ended up ordering a dozen cookies from The Cookie Crafter Amy in Los Angeles, and I was so pleased that she was referred to me. Not only were her prices affordable, but she delivered and also threw in a few extra cookies! Do I even need to tell you how beautiful they were? I mean, come on.


Toss in some fake moss from Michael's and cute paper cups from Amazon, and voi la! A woodland dream.

You can find Amy's info on my Instagram feed, @ellievdesign 🦉🐻🦊